A perfect fragrance for the summer recluse, Carolina Herrera 212 Surf EDT brought out two new fragrances- for him and her in 2014 accentuating the summer vibes through  coolly composed water accords. An enthralling summer composition that makes you run for the beach, Surf Eau De Toilette is youth centric in nature focusing on thrilling fun and  splashes on a beach during the summer. It is this very fragrance that evokes in you a feeling of vacation as the package itself stars a surf board. Even though the flacon for the bottle holds the usual shape of Carolina Herrera perfumes- this time tropical leaves, flowers and palm trees grace the flacon- in blue and pink hue for the women. 
The top notes engulfed in enthusiasm opens with a refreshing set of watery accords bringing in the smooth breezy and freshening tones right from the very start. The middle note which is considered the heart of the fragrance uses a more natural approach using aromatic nuances from wooden notes to create yet another prolific layer of natural aroma. The perfume comes to a conclusion with musk notes keeping the ending filled in calm serene relaxation. 

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