Carolina Herrera introduces the 212 MEN NYC Eau De Toilette as a revolutionizing fragrance mixing modern world elements into creating a perfectly subtle yet invigorating sensual fragrance for the unstoppable men who are always out there getting on with their busy life. 
The fragrance is harnessed taking the bustling city of New York as an inspiration where everyday modern ingredients combine to form unpredictable yet fruitful flavors of life which is exactly the essence Caroline Herrera tries to capture here.

Taking its top essence from bergamot, grapefruit, lavender and assorted spices, the opening note is usually packed with a burst of energy which is soon converted to an intoxicating essence drawn straight from spices like ginger, pepper, gardenia, sage and violet. The bottom notes elude confidence and bold masculinity as it lets out a very earthy tone of sandalwood, musk, guaiac wood, labdanum mixed in with a serene incense aroma.
Packaged in an uber trendy sleek bottle this is the perfect essence of youth captured and preserved in one single bottle.

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