Launched in 2015, Calvin Klein Reveal EDT med edition was an instant hit ever since it was released in the market. Crispy fresh and unique in its essence, the Reveal is all about being bold and confident as the intriguing fragrance of this Eau De Toilette promises to snatch eyes as you walk down the street. Created keeping the urban man and his busy life in mind, this long-lasting aroma uncompromisingly uses a stimulating masculine fragrance as the theme of the scent. 
The top note of this perfume reveals a crystallized ginger, pear brandy, mastic and kiwano essence. This is succeeded by the heart notes that come in a vogue fragrance of suede, agave nectar and clary sage which is equally thrilling a choice for the modern man always on the run. The perfume concludes itself with a base of tonka beans, golden amber and woody vetiver which acts as a relaxant after the first two layers of enigmatic rugged essence. 
Being the look of the campaign for Reveal was actor Charlie Hunnam. Try this out Today itself! 

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