A classic day perfume perfect for all seasons- the exotic attitude from oriental nuances crash against seductive sensual notes to create this enigmatic EDP by Calvin Klein. Reveal as the name is called, will remind you of boldness as sun-kissed sensual tones with an air of mystery builds up the character for the fragrance. Perfumers Jean-Marc Chaillan and Bruno Jovanovic, in this perfume use a unique blend of some of the uncommon perfumery agents, thereby successfully capturing the true essence of seduction on human skin. The perfume starts with a sunny day vibe, slowly changing its intensity- the hart layer being the most passionate after which the conclusion note fades into a quaint breezy evening bringing in natural essence of the aromatic evening.
 The top notes start with three layers of pepper, namely, white, black and pink pepper essence creating a robust spicy introductory note. Also present in the cocoon of pepper essence is salt which acts as a unique aromatic nuance adding sensuality to the top note. 
The heart is filled with ambergris and iris flower extracts- heavy and intense while the base starts with sandalwood on cashmeran, musk and vetiver. 
This perfume was released in September 2014.

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