FREE by Calvin Klein is an EDT for men that savor the thirst for a modernistic approach to masculine perfumes. A man in the modern world is a personification of confidence backed by dynamic personality and an alluring fragrance fleeting behind him where he goes. “Free” by CK captures that exact essence where the responsibilities are collided with a carefree yet powerful Eau De Toilette that mixes refreshing elements pooling in the best of the modernistic units to create a colloquial perfume for the everyday man hashing it out in the big metropolitan cities. 
The theme of this fragrance is heavily based on woody masculine essences with a slight hint of romanticism hiding in every fold. The top notes reveals a relaxing combo of jackfruit, absinth, juniper berries and star anise which is soon replaced by a suede energetic aroma of tobacco leaf and coffee. Just when you think it’s almost over, the base note kicks in with a calm and collected fragrance procured from cedar, iron wood, patchouli and oak essence. 
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