CK2 For him and her by Calvin Klein captures the perfect essence of the urban youth created with a juxtaposing fragrance of warmth battling the cool as the invigorating essence combines a very youthful, enigmatic and cheerful scent with a snug comforting warmth harnessed from earthy smells of the countryside with a dominating busy city on a rainy day essence trailing behind. 
Intended for the generation of millennials, the CK2 is not restricted by gender so that anyone and everyone can enjoy the pure bliss of this unusual combination as the refreshing yet lovable essence fills your lung with exuberance and intimacy. 
The top notes reveal a concoction of violet leaf, wasabi, pear and mandarin orange which squeals out countryside fragrance of exhilarating freshness followed by the middle note composed of harmonious urban notes. Wet cobblestone and concrete essence combines with rose and orris root which eventually morphs into a woody base of incense, sandalwood and vetiver. 
Enjoy unrestrained youthful bursts of unexpected fragrances in Calvin Klein’s CK2 for him and her. 

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