Man Black Cologne from the house of BVLGARI is a special edition for Mens launched in the summer of 2016 by veteran perfumer Albert Morillas. This is a successor to BVLGARI’s Man in Black twisting within itself some of the remnant properties from its predecessor. Heavy and intense, this classic Eau De Toilette tracks some of the best ingredients from the Man In Black and creates the same aura of confidence, strength and success compiled with a little rugged tinge of oriental and woody fragrances.
The characteristic of composition however is a little variant in this edition of Man Black Cologne where replacing iris, this essence includes the bitter sweetness of orange blossom along with the tuberose on leather scent while the top notes open with a splash of rum much like the last one, only with an added effect of fresh green notes and sun dried citrus fruits.
The tone for this perfume screams of snug warmth which is both enticing and down to earth. 

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