Once again dressed in an iconic flacon- Bvlgari BLV II Eau De Parfum hits the shelves with a bang. Created in collaboration with star perfumer Jacques Cavallier- BVL II EDP, the perfume focuses on the brand Bvlgari as one of the most refined sophisticate designer houses and therefore the fragrance created by them carries the very essence of the perfume itself. 
The fragrance resembles that of an opulent nature- a phenomenon common in most of Bvlgari’s female perfume collection. However, this time the star creator targeted the richness of the fragrance where the feminine vibes are coupled with mysticism, enigma and energy. This is more than just a scented perfume- this is the essence of womanhood dominated by tasteful aromas lingering around all day long. 
The first note of this perfume reveals violet notes on mandarin orange with a pinch of star anise and licorice essence keeping the top note interesting and preppy. Following this is the heart layer in vetiver mixed in minty patchouli and iris. The core scent of the perfume is therefore drenched in aromatic nuances with a strong elegant glow heightening your senses. 
For the very last note- benzoin on cotton flower with tonka bean, amber and musk forms the dominant notes to the concluding perfume with a soft French labdanum fragrance fleeting behind the base layer.

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