BVLGARI Black Eau De Toilette is created essentially for the crowd that lives the bustling urban life in an equally busy metropolitan city. There is no space for error and no time to lean as the busy city life keeps you on your toes, forever on the run. At times like this, you cannot simply afford to smell unpleasant especially when Bvlgari has launched such a wonderful collection waiting for you. 
The fragrance compiles a woody, rubbery and smoky flavor to it incorporating the whole olfactive pyramid in one single bottle. The nose behind this smell is Annick Menardo who launched BLACK in 1998 where a storm of the racing city life scrambles around you with the first top notes exposing a smoky black tea essence- both stubborn, dominating and stimulating at the same time.
However, the after flavor of this genius brings notes of amber and soft woody smells that remind you of romantic walk in the park amidst the city rushing past. 
Enjoy the intense feeling of falling in love at the big metropolitan city with one of BVLGARI’s bests. 

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