When legendary old-world classics combine with contemporary fragrances, gems like the New York Amber by Bond No.9 is born. Fusing old timer fragrances of earthy notes with seductive yet persuasive metro-fragrance, this Eau De Parfum concocted for men is sweet and intoxicating like a fine new bottle of cognac. While the opening notes revolve around spicy and oriental, the base note is completely twisted into a mellow unpredictable layer that lasts you the whole day. 
Mixing essence of the bustling NY city, the top notes open with saffron and peppery gusts of intense fragrance- much like the phenomenal city in its busy self. The middle notes can be resembled to refreshing jasmine while the base notes bring out the nostalgia from the old-world classic by mixing the spices with ethereal oud which is woody and musky as opposed to the spices- creating a delicate balance between seduction and calmness. 

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