Pulsating through your veins, channeling an aura of thriving energy and throbbing heart beat is Pulse Eau De parfum by Beyonce. A little part of the infamous pop star reflects within this fragrance as it draws inspiration from her electrifying presence and graceful attitude to create an energy ball of passionate emotions, empowered by feminine strength, determination and willpower. This incredibly high spirited perfume is one of a kind heightening the true essence of feminist enthusiasm and influence. 
Unique much like the flacon its behold in, Pulse is all about gourmand floral and citrus notes, the top most layer being a blend of curacao in pear blossom and zesty bergamot. The heart of this perfume sets an exemplary aroma of nurtured feminine notes using the classic peony, orchid and jasmine essence, common in many of Beyonce’s iconic perfumes. The base to this scent is laid on a bed of nature fresh wooden notes with musk and vanilla essence stirring up a wonderful team. 
This fragrance was released in 2011 in collaboration with star perfumer Bruno Jovanovic. 

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