Weaving stories of romanticism, Armani Code for men launched in 2004 by designer brand Giorgio Armani is a perfect blend of gentlemanly flavors mixing in a hint aromatic-woody essence with soft floral and citrus notes.

Armani Code follows the trend of elite grandeur in its composed fragrance where the chemistry of the perfume and the wearer is completely sewn together in a bond, each complimenting the other with their distinct personality. Made for the man who puts in that extra amount of effort to look good, this blend is apt for the contemporary trendsetters with a high impact temperament to make things happen. 

The most dominant essence prevailing in this perfume is of citrusy lemon and bergamot flavors launching itself as the top most note followed by soft lavender and olive tree blossom notes encompassing earthy feels to the perfume.

The base note of this fragrance is one again aromatic and wooden in nature with Tonka beans and guaiac wood creating a striking influence on modern seduction. 
Try this bottle of brilliance straight from our online store and set your own trendsetting bar. 

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