Taken from the steep intricacy of the ever so graceful Arabic tradition, the Caligraphy Rose by Aramis is a men’s Eau De Parfum with a captivating fragrance of fresh blooming wild roses. Capturing the true essence of the ravishing Middle East, Calligraphy Rose is often regarded unisex for its one of a kind floral fragrance that will stupefy you. 
Melting your heart in a sloppy lump, this exotic perfume was launched in 2013 by Trudi Loren who wanted to capture the enchanting essence of traditional Arabic aromas through earthy elements. Honeysuckle, saffron and oregano blends in together as the top note of the fragrance followed by an intoxicating amalgamation of lavender and Turkish rose with a sprinkle of myrrh and when the middle notes fade away, the base note will surprise you with a whiff of musk, ambergris and labdanum.

Experience the sinful passion of flawless Arabic fragrances with calligraphy Rose now in our stores. 

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